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Mrs. Vahid who is the only survivor of the second National Spiritual Assembly (NSA) of the Baha'is of Iran, gives an amazing and vivid account of what happened during those turbulent time when the Baha'i community shook to its core.

In this Interview, Parvaneh remembers that at the age of five, her mother instructed her how to escape with her little sister, through the waterway which was running under their house. In 1976, she decided to move to the USA with her six year old son. She hopes that the religious prejudice of some Iranians, and the race prejudice of some Americans would change to love and respect for all.

In this interview, Payam explains that as a child of about 11 ,he went through a harrowing situation, with 100's of school children following him with rocks and bricks to kill him, because he is a Baha'i. Even the teachers who saw the incidence did not do anything at all !

Dr. Azizi' s father was Jewish who after serious research became a devoted Baha'i. He sent all his children to the Baha'i school in Tehran and later sent Zabihollah to Paris to study Medicine.
On his return he worked at Tehran University as a lecturer. Later he became the director of Misaghyyeh Hospital in Tehran, introducing many new ideas for the hospital.
He indeed had a fruitful life, serving the people of his homeland with love and dignity.

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